Faces of tomorrow

In June of 2011 a group of 5 people went to Moldova to lead a summer camp for 50 orphans near the town of Visoca.  A week before they left, they found out that the Orphanage was used for mentally challenged children and the facilities were sparse and very basic at best. That was all they knew when they set out to serve GOD in a foreign land and bring the love of Jesus to 50 orphan children. What happened was unexpected and encouraging as well as enlightening for each of the team and to a person, no one came home unchanged.

Each team member encountered all the children. Each team member reacted uniquely to the children and each team member has their own recollections and memories. All felt blessed and all of us were full of praise that 15 children accepted Christ as their personal savior in that summer camp. That alone is enough to change eternity.

One of the members of our team has realized that their encounter was directed by God and they feel led to try and bring two of those orphans to America to be part of their family. This post is intended to give you an intimate look at that decision so you can gain an idea of how God is leading in this situation. We will update this post every time there is new information and we will not make up any news or change any part of the story. We will leave names out so we maintain the personal privacy deserved by these individuals and so we don’t give the impression that we are trying to unfairly influence anyone’s emotions.

So here is the beginning, I hope you’ll begin to pray for this family and these two little boys.

“When we were at the orphanage in Moldova one little boy stood out.  I will call him Andy! We would play a game, Chubby Bunny, where the children had to put marshmallows in their mouths one at a time and between each marshmallow they would say chubby bunny until they could not fit any more marshmallows in their mouths. Any time Andy would walk up to me he would look up at me with his beautiful eyes and say “Chubby Bunny” in his Moldovan accent. It was so adorable. When I returned home from our trip I could not get him out of my head.  I have now begun to try to find out more about him and his brothers, in hopes to one day bring them into our family”!

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