We strive to put as much of each gift given to the ministry project it is given to. UN-designated gifts will be used for current needs Ongoing support can be directed where you wish as an automatic monthly donation. Everyone working with You Matter volunteers  so we pay no salaries and very small expenses. Our mission teams raise their own support when they go out. You can feel confident that the gift to You Matter will go to ministry, and that God will bless you as you give. Our ministry is functional because of partners like yourself who, after supporting their local church, support YouMatter. Thank you for your support.



Praying is having a conversation with GOD. We are sure that God listen to the prayers of the saints and we covet your prayers. Prayers that we will clearly see God’s leading. Prayers that we will be effective representatives of Christ to those that we minister to and those that support our ministry. Prayers that our ministry will make a positive difference in the lives we minister to. Praying is the single most important involvement in our ministry that you can have. Please pray for us, our mission, those that support us and those that we minister to.