Ways to Pray

October 2011

As you know our ministry You Matter has done work in Moldova, partnering with
an in country Mission organization to fight human trafficking and to care for Orphans and the Elderly.  This next
“season” of help begins this November with a trip to Moldova for the purpose of teaching christian business principals
to local  pastors, church leaders, youth leaders and businessmen. Having just come out of Communism in 2009, the
people of Moldova have NEVER received any business training before this training so it is very impactive for them and the
cause of Christ. Along with this coming trip, it has come to my attention that 2 of the orphanages we have supported in the past
with people and resources have an important need.  The 60 kids of Visoca Orphanage need winter coats, hats and gloves. The Orphanage in Visoca needs the tables and chairs for the students school to be refurbished. Both are very old and many are becoming unsafe to use. A local craftsman has donated his time to the task but there is a need for materials equaling about $450.00 U.S..  PRAISE the LORD !!! (November 12,2011) We are preparing to send this amount to Moldova to take care of this need!!!! Now we only need to raise funds for Coats, hats and gloves for the kids.  The other orphanage in Popenki, Transnistra, has a need for the showers to be repaired and replaced. The kids there only get one shower a week as it is, but with this condition can not even take a shower. The cost to take care of this comes to about $1200.00 U.S. .

Things are tight here at home. I know we are all pulling in the belts a little or a lot, but the first step in realizing how good we have got it is to see life thru the eyes of a child that doesn’t even own a single outfit of clothing, or have the ability to shower just twice a week.

So would you consider partnering with You Matter to help these orphan children. Can you dig deep and send some financial support to YouMatter.com ? The donation is tax deductible since we are an official 501 (c)(3) and it is getting close to that time of year when we need to maximize our tax deductions. There are no salaries paid out of these donations, so you have the assurance that your donation is going to the ministry and help for these kids.

We are hoping that some will step up with a donation of $1,000.00 or more but we will really appreciate any gift you feel you can send.

Will you help  make these kids feel remembered?

In addition to our current project we ask that you add the following to your prayer list:

  • Please pray for the physical, spiritual, emotional and financial needs of the staff and their families.
  • Please pray for the board of directors as they attend to and execute the vision, goals, and projects of this ministry.
  • Pray for ministry supporters in giving of their time, talents, and money to further the reach of this ministry’s capabilities.