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      **COVID-19 SHIPPING NOTICE** Due to USPS delays caused by the ongoing global pandemic, transit times may be longer than usual. These delays are beyond our control and we appreciate your understanding in advance. PAYMENTS AND REFUND POLICY

      We do take a variety of cards however, some do not work with our payment platform. Always check that your billing address and zip code are the correct ones associated with your credit card. Sometimes, if these are incorrect, the payment will not go through. Please re-try adding your billing information, then the payment details, and see if it processes. If it does not go through, it is most likely because our system does not accept the card you are using (for example, a Visa Debit card or a Discover card). An alternative solution is to add your card to Shopify Pay or Google Pay to facilitate the payment. If you are making your purchase from the United States, it is considered as an international transaction. Please call you bank as your card might be blocked from international purchases.