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      Founded in 2019, You Matter University started as a thought just like everything does. Our founding father, Demetrius Harmon struggled throughout high school academically, previously being an honor roll student in middle school this shocked his pride. Mixing those bad grades, depression, anxiety, and death school became less of a tool to educate him but more so something to endure. As result, Demetrius began to float his way through high school, accepting that his academic dreams of attending schools like UCLA, USC, U OF M, or MSU were far gone.


      Simultaneously, Demetrius was succeeding in his craft, and in his business; which led to him feeling like a failure and successful all at once. He couldn’t accept the success he was seeing in one part of his life because a large part of his day was spent at school where he felt like a failure. He graduated high school with a 960 SAT score and no plans to attend college, partially out of fear but understanding that his purpose wasn’t there, his happiness wasn’t. To Demetrius school felt like a pyramid scheme of sorts, being told as a child that success only comes from school, but what about happiness or fulfillment? Thus You Matter university was born. Demetrius had a vision for a school that was as diverse as it was inclusive. A place where the person is just as important as the dreams they are pursuing. A place where race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or any of the things that make us individuals would divide us. But without students who needed a university like YMU none of it would have been possible. Our students are truly those that bring the vision into fruition. Whether it’s spreading love to each other or giving that love to themselves, our students are the best human beings they could possibly be. You Matter University aims to be a place where individuals are allowed to thrive, together. We hope this is a vision you deem worth being apart of and building.


      School Motto: Amor, Veritas Et Fatum (Love, Truth, and Fate)

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