I discovered the brand in 2017 through Meech who I have been following for years since his start on vine.

My journey with mental health hasn’t been lifelong but it has been hard. I deal with anxiety and the height of that began when my parents split in my senior year of high school. I had trouble focusing and was anxious everyday. Since then I’ve dealt with a lot more anxiety being in college but I don’t feel it everyday try not to think about it too much.

A pivotal moment with the brand that i will always remember is the first drop for you matter university. It was unlike anything id ever seen a brand do. The marketing, ads and everything for that drop made me wish it was a real school and it’s essentially what made me purchase my first pieces and officially become apart of the community.

When I’m facing hard times my first steps in taking care of my mental are to step away from what’s making me anxious and lie down. Once I’ve stepped away, to further take my mind off of it I do the things that bring me comfort like reading or watching my comfort movie or show.

My advice would be to let yourself feel your emotions. Sometimes we are told to get over things or move on and that it’s not serious but there’s no benefit in moving forward before letting yourself sit with your feelings and working out why you feel the way you feel. Never feel guilty for feeling, your emotions are valid and they’re yours to feel. But remember not to wallow in it because there’s always up.

My favourite you matter piece would have to be the black satin lined hoodie. As a black curly haired girl seeing the rollout of this specific hoodie made me feel seen and I love that it was something for us by us and made with us in mind.

April 08, 2024

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