I heard about this brand from Meech's YouTube videos. A pivotal moment I can remember with You Matter is when Meech threw the outdoor event where all walks of people got to see the brand while still being able to just enjoy the community and enjoy what the event had to offer.

My favorite You Matter piece is the original Gray You Matter Hoodie. I was introduced to the hoodies by my sister, so I've always been getting You Matter products since.

I've had a long journey with mental health. I believe that I've had to learn a lot from a young age moving from state to state trying to enjoy different schools. Trying to grow up, having your favorite friend groups, to moving and having to start all over. Seeing different styles, ethnicities, school systems, and everyday life. This made me care about the You Matter movement and making sure that everyone feels comfortable in their own skin.

When I'm facing tough times in life, I make sure that I go out for a walk or at least try to exercise. When you can just go through your day and not have to think about tough times.

Some advice I would give is to ry to find a way that you can enjoy yourself. Everyone has gone through different issues and the best thing we can do for is enjoy who we are right now.

April 25, 2024

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