I’ve been part of the You Matter community since the beginning, through following Meech.

When Meech moved from the classic you matter hoodies to creating the You Matter University was pivotal for me. The concept and clothes are so awesome.

My journey with my mental health can be weekly or daily. I’ve struggled with depression since I was about 8. I recently found out that I have anxiety and that was a tough pill to swallow. I always thought I didn’t and I never would. Some days/weeks are okay, horrible, or great. I truly wouldn’t be me if I didn’t struggle with mental health and in a weird way i’m kinda grateful for it.

What’s most important to me during tough times is creating things to look forward to. Whether that be a night out with friends, a vacay or long term goals. It helps me significantly. Even though in the moment I might want to give up or self sabotage, I remind myself of the good things to come and it helps me keep going.

No matter what you are going through, someone else has gone thrugh it. I know it might sound cheesy but it’s so true. you are NEVER alone in your struggle and I know how hard it can be to reach out, but once you do it feels like a huge weight has been lifted. It can be friends, family, therapists, even strangers on the internet. Speak up!! There are people that wanna hear.

My favorite piece is one I own. It’s a classic You Matter hoodie in a brown color with pink text. I don’t see many people have that color way and it’s one of my fav color combos in general.

May 14, 2024

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